(SPOILER)tvovermind has exclusive photos of the tvd finale


This is it, Vampire Diaries fans…the season finale. It’s been a pretty good season, hasn’t it? What with the Originals taking center stage and the introduction of Klaus’ siblings and child-killing mother. Then there was Stefan, who went from good boy to bad boy back to slightly good boy again. And, of course, there’s the fact that Stefan’s absence caused Damon and Elena to grow closer together. Producer Julie Plec has said that Elena will choose between one of the brothers by the end of the season, so place your bets on which Salvatore she’ll pick.

The season finale of The Vampire Diaries will be airing on May 11. We’ll be flashing back to a time when Elena and Jeremy’s parents were alive, finally introducing us to her parents, Grayson (guest star Jason MacDonald) and Miranda (guest star Erin Beute). And guess what other deceased character will be returning for the finale? None other than Aunt Jenna (guest star Sara Canning), who was cruelly killed during Klaus’ attempts for more power. We’ll even see Elena during her relationship with Matt, back when the guys she dated didn’t kill anyone (that we know of).

A lot of characters are going to have to face difficult choices in the finale. Both Caroline and Tyler will have to make a big decision, while Bonnie chooses to make a secret deal that causes a lot of heartbreak.

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I love TVD and I just want to say thanks to all the cast and the crew.Cw thanks for making TVD one of the shows we can watch.Julie Plec I love you for your genious mind and writing for Vampire Diaries .Last thursdays episode wow AMAZING there are no words.Though Damon,stefan and Caroline are my babies on the show I love them all they rock.I have a new found respect for Nina Dobrev she made me cry like a baby when she told Stefan she had no one and he said she had him OMG then Alaric you guys almost killed me I couldn’t stop crying.Keep bringing the best to your public you are really appreciated.I have lots of gratitud and respect for all of you thanks for what you do so well.TVD the best show with the best actors I love to watch.TVD YOU ROCK MY WORLD.LOVE YOU ALL.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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