Watch Joseph Morgan Lose His Memories in the Dermaphoria Trailer (VIDEO)

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Is Joseph Morgan stepping into Walter White’s hazmat suit? The trailer for JoMo’s new psychological thriller Dermaphoria has just been released, and it’s a real trip.

Director Ross Clarke makes his feature film debut with this gritty, atmospheric drama, which finds Joseph Morgan stepping into the shoes of Eric Ashworth, a man who wakes up in jail, accused of arson, without any recollection of how he got there. His past remains a mystery until he discovers a strange new hallucinogen that allows him to recover his memories. It turns out he may have created the drug when his former life as an illegal chemist becomes clearer. But as his tolerance for the drug increases, the lines between his drug-induced dreams and reality are blurred.

Judging from the trailer, which you can watch below, Dermaphoria looks like it has the potential to turn JoMo into Hollywood’s next leading man. (Nice American accent, Joseph!) The film also stars Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Walton Goggins (Sons of Anarchy) and Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy).

Dermaphoria will premiere at the East End Film Festival on June 13, 2014 in the UK before making its US debut later in the year.

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