The Vampire Diaries – Books – The Dark Reunion

The fourth book begins six months after Elena’s death. This book is told primarily from Bonnie’s point of view. At a surprise birthday party for Meredith, Bonnie and Caroline (along with two other girlfriends from high school) contact Elena using a Ouija board. Elena warns them there is evil in town with them, and that they are all in danger. She tells them they need to summon someone but gets interrupted, presumably by an evil spirit, before telling the girls to run. Before all of the girls can get out of the house, one girl is thrown from the second floor balcony and dies. Another girl goes insane after the ordeal. Damon and Stefan went to Italy after Elena died, but they return to Fell’s Church after Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt psychically contact them. They begin investigating the awful events plaguing the town. They discover that Tyler Smallwood, a fellow classmate, is a werewolf and has been in league with Klaus, Katherine’s powerful and twisted creator. The girl that goes insane is killed by Klaus. In a final showdown, Stefan and Damon fight Klaus, along with Matt, Bonnie, and Meredith pitching in to fight Tyler. Bonnie summons Elena’s spirit to aid them once Stefan and Damon are badly injured. Elena sets an army of ghosts from the Civil War on Klaus, who is then effectively destroyed. Elena is now ready to move on for good, leaving this world and Stefan forever, since Stefan has agreed to remain as he is and keep fighting for goodness; but Elena is returned to him, weak and pale and human and alive. She and Stefan offer Damon a spot with them among friends, but Damon declines, saying that the shadows are where he belongs.

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